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Discover Rollax, safety cover of premium quality which combines security, aesthetic and ease of use.
ROLLAX Relax !

All seasons safety cover.
Exclusive system !

Its exclusive system gives you an unequalled security !

Made with a high resistant membrane (670 g/m²) and with a parental lock system, Rollaxensures avoiding all unwanted opening attempts! Moreover, Rollax is remarkable aesthetic! The surroundings of your pool stays absolutely clear and the metallic rods are completely invisible!

In spite of the resistance of the membrane, you can open and close your pool quickly and easily thanks to its ultra-light mechanical handle. You will be surprised with ease of use of Rollax.You can also adopt the electric handle Roll’One to make the handling be easier.

Discover Axelle, the safety cover which provides you the safety and the aesthetic at a lower cost !
AXELLE The best quality/price ratio !

Safety cover for all seasons !

Made with a light and resistant membrane (670 g/m²) and thanks to its parental lock system, Axelle ensures the same protection than Rollax against the unwanted opening attempts!

Its opening and closing system is very practical thanks to its geared down handle which simplifies the user’s life ! You can also choose Roll'One 12V which is the electric handle adaptated to Axelle.

Moreover Axelle provides the same aesthetic than Rollax ! The surroundings of your pool stays absolutely clear and the metallic rods are completely invisible!

Discover Roll'One, the electric handle for the pool covers Rollax and Axelle
ROLL'ONE The electric handle

Discover ROLL’ONE the electric handle for the pool cover ROLLAX

The electric handle ROLL’ONE makes all effort of opening and closing your pool easier.
ROLL’ONE fits to the particular demands of ROLLAX: quality materials, aesthetic and high drive power. This accessory increases the comfort of the pool cover ROLLAX.

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